bone crucible



He’s got a visitor! From the heavens above. And from what the guy starts rambling about, it’s kind of like he’s an angel — questioning him about his deep, dark origins, of course. Truth is, he’s actually a demon, come from the underworld to prey on the souls of mere mortals. And that’s why he never ages: there’s no better beauty cream than the soul of a virgin maiden.

And so he digresses.


'If you really knew your stuff, you would know I’m immortal,’ Nozoya starts. He speaks in this light, airy kind of way, with his voice on the border so that it’s not clear whether he’s joking or not. The carefully animated expression on his face doesn’t give any clues, either. ‘But sure. Let’s go with your idea. I spend about 50% of my money on beautycare…

Just so I don’t lose any clients. It’s a lot better than it sounds, I assure you.’ He pats the man on the shoulder, just to double-reassure him. Surely there’s no reason for him not to believe him now.

Digressing again! What a nasty habit.

'But, you can't have made that kind of entrance just to ask that.’ There’s a rising inflection to his voice now, almost daring the guy to say otherwise. ‘So? What can I do you for?’


'You can't just come out with something that boring! It hurts your cred. —your street cred, I mean.'

 Too bad, so sad but if he was any more off his schedule, also then off his rocker he might have taken those coined words strung into that pledge and saved every one of them! Every last one. It just sounded all too fantastical and miserable not to believe, why couldn’t it be true. He was notorious though! for this, for drinking up every gorgeous fable thrown his way. Taken some real dents to the validity of his way of rationing, but all at some cost. Worth it! Very, but ah. 

He probably shouldn’t get sucked into this on his own jurisdiction. Probably not. 

 ’You assume the greatest of things but no, I don’t think I’m there yet. You have to build up credit to lose some! It doesn’t pay when you’re not locked into one suburb, but you can’t be leaving your valuables to hatch all in one place. Right, …’ He hasn’t let go of his collar yet but smooths his palms down the guy’s front to swear off any folds that threaten to crinkle, just from moving around. It happens, but this spotlight taker needed to look his best, all the time. 

Rule of thumb! He was just helping. Helping, he tells himself, running his palms down the frame of his arms to make sure that he’s all there, ethereal being and all  oh no, they’re physically there alright. No questioning there. ‘- Well are you well known in this area? I just figured that your kingdom would be uh, somewhere bigger. Flashier. 

But you’re a versatile, wild card kind-of guy.  Got street cred stocked up just about everywhere you go? 

Maybe you could give me a walkthrough. Chalk it up to the newbie. Not a fast learner, but sometimes a willing pupil is all you’ll get !’ He shoves a sleeved arm forth, working himself behind the guy and locks their elbows so that they have a link. ’ You’re well versed enough to give me a quick tour, aren’t you? Super capable at everything, if I had to take a bet.’ Drags him around while he pushes him, ’ I don’t like to stroll alone. Keep your partner buddy with you, and keep an eye on him at all times.’ 

 To be skipping out on checking out, or should he say clocking in at this hour for the day was kind of an act of vanity. Lord knew that there wasn’t much to him, he wasn’t a louse exactly but a go-getter he was um, not. 

So why couldn’t he be convinced to go in? He wasn’t exactly a brooding creature of the night and he was sure that nothing would swoop down on him for lack of better thing to do. Not likely! 

So he had nothing. 

 But from up here, he a whole level to himself and that was just, alright. Only kind of. What he spotted next though sparked enough interest to get him off that bridge; if he had to do the swooping  then sink it, he would! 

 ’ Wow!’ He lands in kind of a stumble, his knees do some buckling for him to lessen the impact, and it’s not all that impressive but it will have to do. ‘Wow, wwow no way, what are the likes of that!’ He shuffles forward. 

'Still looking good, age sure doesn’t eat you, or could I say any time soon. How are you beating your judgment? Are you using some product that’s slumping your wallet, what’s this new fad that hasn’t leaked just yet, hearing it second hand just isn’t the same. 

So what would you um,’ Hands go straight to the guy’s coat or shirt collar, (the one that’s more accessibleand he adjusts it, straightens it out for him. Now that’s some favor. ‘Recommend, any advice, tips. For a first time user?’



“Oh what was that? I can’t hear you, you’ll need to speak up.”

Mikado had them cornered now, in a back room and away from prying eyes. They had something of his, a package that had been stolen from one of his couriers and the trail had lead him here. Sure he should have let someone else take the job for him, but where was the fun in simply staying home and waiting for results?  

image ’I figured you were grounded, or should I say an all too engrained man,’ Hit too hard on the head with his sense of entitlement, that was more like it. He scoffs but lets the transaction finish without any hazard to the minor who had just but approached his section.

as if he’s do any of the sort, that was. Messy! Bland, and. Well, he didn’t all care for messes, no! He just liked taking what wasn’t his in the first place. ‘Have you got backup for this scheme of yours, young sir?’ He wants to ask more on it but that falls, short-lived and without much prior warning. And if he hadn’t, was the pretext. ‘How about it?’

Sure, he looked like a planner but that was all overrated! Plans were to be meddled with, mangled before they surfaced and took flight. 

That was all there was to it. ‘What is it you could be looking for this late, pray if I may ask?’

 ’This isn’t like you.’ He grips onto the younger gentleman’s wrists, shoulders hitching to stay cautious. Their shift was nearly over, he was hardly in anyplace to take demands.

But was he still on the clock.